Laval, Quebec/Mississauga, Ont. – Yesterday, Nissan provided details on the Canadian implementation of its global Retail Environment Design Initiative (NREDI 2) during a grand opening of the newly-renovated HGrégoire Nissan Chomedey. The NREDI 2-outfitted dealership is visually and technically restructured in all areas – from sales, to service, to finance – in order to meet heightened consumer expectations for retail facilities.

"We rethought the Nissan dealership environment to complement the design, technology and drive experience that make our vehicles stand out," says Joni Paiva, president of Nissan Canada Inc. "Nissan’s goal is to provide our customers with dealership experiences of globally consistent high quality. The rollout of NREDI 2 dealerships in Canada signals the next generation of this new standard for dealerships under the Nissan brand."

The new state-of-the-art dealership is based on Nissan's innovative NREDI 2 design, intended to provide customers with attractive, comfortable, and welcoming places to spend time while also offering needed services as efficiently as possible.

Nissan’s NREDI 2 features visual transparency and openness, exclusive delivery areas, a large, glassed-view to the service area, a customer lounge set up as part of the showroom with the addition of a quiet lounge, and an increased use of digital elements including service and sales screens, configurator touch screen tablets and digital wheel stands.

"There are a multitude of intangible factors contributing to a positive experience in an automotive retail environment. With its well-thought out and gorgeous design, NREDI 2 has taken us to the next level in terms of overall atmosphere, and well-being for customers and prospects," says John Hairabedian, president of Auto H Gregoire. "Whether customers have come to purchase a new vehicle, or to get a vehicle inspected or serviced, we strive to offer a comfortable, welcoming place to spend time, while also offering needed services as efficiently as possible. I am thrilled to deliver on those promises in an ultramodern atmosphere which has a proven track record with customers, globally."

HGrégoire Nissan Chomedey NREDI 2 key features:

  • Overall dimensions of the dealership – 42,838 square-feet
  • Vehicle video turn table
  • Five-story car-display tower
  • 465 parking spaces
  • 100 customer parking spaces
  • 22 service bays, increased from 12
  • Four electric vehicle charging stations, increased from two


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Issued by Nissan


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