Alannah David-Clark is senior manager of marketing communications at Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI), a position to which she was appointed in April of 2019. In this role, David-Clark is responsible for leading for planning, development, implementation and measurement of all of Nissan Canada’s marketing strategies and marketing communication across various platforms. This includes overseeing marketing communications for: the entire Nissan portfolio; auto shows; social media channels; customer relationship management, and the consumer website.

Prior to joining Nissan in 2016, David-Clark held progressive marketing roles at Holt Renfrew; Mercedes-Benz Canada; Audi Canada, and Hyundai Canada. A seasoned marketing leader, David-Clark’s 16-year career developed in step with the evolution of digital marketing, providing her with extensive hands-on and managerial expertise in this space.   

David-Clark holds a bachelor of Sociology and Politics from the University of Toronto.

Alannah-David Clark can speak to the following topics:

  • Her burgeoning career as a female leader in the automotive industry
  • The importance of developing Canadian-specific TV spots and marketing campaigns
  • The future of auto shows in the Canadian market
  • Leveraging data to enhance marketing approach and strategy
Issued by Nissan


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